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EPC Project Logistics

EPC Project Logistics

Services including: hydropower, thermal power stations, wind power station, High-speed Rail, petroleum and natural gas, infrastructure, cement, metallurgy, vehicles and other industries.

Transport products include: large engineering equipment, construction equipment, mining equipment, power equipment, wind machine, oil and gas equipment, oil tank, super size, super weight and large goods vehicles, ships and break bulk boilers, etc..

Resource Integration: foreign cargo ship, container ship, ship, railway, ship with heavy crane, crane wharf, special cargo transport vehicles, terminal handling equipment, storage, handling, reinforcement materials, railway transit, transit rail transport, railway transport, truck outside connection, loading and unloading etc..

The main market: Africa, India and Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Latin America, Eastern europe.

A typical case:

2007 India ESSAR group in the CALCUTTA refinery

2008 India ESSAR group in the MUNDRA refinery

2009 India ESSAR group in CALCUTTA power plant

2009 Sultan bulk truck project

2010 India ESSAR group in MUNDRA power plant

2010 Congo gold material distribution project

In 2011, Botswana School Road, bridge construction project

In 2012 Pakistan power plant project

In 2012 Brazil power plant project

In 2012, Sri Lanka hydropower project

In 2013 Ecuador power plant project

In 2013 the Russian national grid project

In 2013 Turkey power plant project

In 2013 Sultan power plant project

The road construction project in 2013 Equatorial Guinea

In 2014 Pakistan power plant project

In 2014 the Uganda school reconstruction project

In 2014 Ecuador power plant project

In 2014 Tanzania steel construction project

2015 South Korea batch bus project

2015 Pakistan marine boiler project

How can we do the "EPC project logistics management"?

1, we provide customers before bidding, all from the factory to the foreign project cost accounting of transport.

2, according to the production cycle, expected changes in transportation costs, to provide constructive suggestions for the transportation cost in bidding.

3, all kinds of goods before shipment, we involved in the project, do detailed statistics and analysis

4, according to the specific data of super long, super wide, overweight goods, traffic investigation, coordination of relevant departments, good road worthy;

5, the route data and data, according to the domestic and foreign full information, make project management plan complete;

6, write SOP, notify the members of the project team, notified to the port agent, to ensure the implementation of a unified version of the operating procedures;

7, the project team supervisors stationed in receiving place, check the 5S management in place;

8, loading and unloading of goods yard in strict accordance with the implementation of 5S management, to ensure the safety of people and goods, efficient operation;

9, freight services: unloading, tally, counting, measuring, weighing, packing, loading, reinforcement, padding, binding, customs clearance, shipping;

10, bill of lading, tracking of goods dynamic, the first time to notify the customer

11, the goods by Hong Kong, notify the agent to accept the goods, notify the consignee to prepare clearance documents;

12, according to the 5S management, customs clearance, inspection, unloading goods strictly in accordance with the provisions of SOP in the road just to truck or train routes, loading, transport to the project;

What conditions are required to do the project logistics?

1, the professional team is the core competitiveness; 

2 perfect international agent network, and that from anywhere in the world can be transported to any place.

3, a strong force of resource integration.

4, the operation process standardization SOP, ensure that different people, different regions, different countries operating consistent quality.

5, the whole seamless plan.

6, the unified command center project, to ensure the timely and safe delivery of construction projects.